Living with Bears

BLACK BEAR- The Florida black bear is the smallest of American bear, but the largest terrestrial omnivore or carnivore in Florida.  Diet consists primarily of plants and invertebrates, but will consume vertebrates and carrion. They are territorial, so will defend a home range against other bears, which is an adaptation that reduces competition for food, suitable den sites and mates, and in the case of females, protects young from unrelated bears. They require large areas of suitable habitat. Habitat loss is eliminating Florida black bears, which restricted to several isolated populations.

Identifiers: black, brown muzzle, chest spots

Reproduction: 2-3/ liter, 1 liter every 2 years.

Habitat: swamps, forests, hammocks

Diet: mostly vegetative

Fun facts:

  • Does not hibernated, exhibits torpor in N. FL
  • Excellent swimmer, climber, runs>30mph
  • Excellent sense of smell-can smell object 1 mile away

Attractants: bird seeds, dog/cat food, grease

Absolutely no selfies.  Don’t run or turn back to a bear.

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