The Preserve

A place of peace and quiet and a haven for all God’s creatures. It is a place where Nature can take precedence over the superficial, and where those who can appreciate Nature in her various moods and forms can find a haven; where all of God’s small creatures can live their lives without molestation, suffering neither man’s indifference nor pursuit."

About The Preserve

The Preserve contains 230 acres of natural forest, including sand pines, oaks, magnolias and hickory trees, a 40-acre dune lake, as well as swamps, bogs and marshes.

Lake Fuller is a very rare dune lake, fed by rainwater and groundwater seepage; it drains by natural outlets into the Gulf of Mexico. The only dune lakes in Florida are located in Walton County. It provides water filtration, flood control, and a source of fresh water for many plants and animals.

Lake Fuller is about 8 feet deep of tannin stained dark water and contains many aquatic plants such as water lilies, reptiles such as alligators, and provides nesting habitation for birdlife.

Hiking Trails

The Sand Pine Military Trail is a one-mile long, well-marked trail.


Find interesting birds, reptiles and other wildlife on your visits to the Preserve.


Beautiful plants and foliage are found all around the Preserve.