Roadkill Fauna – Coffeen Nature Preserve

Increasingly, speeding vehicles in Four Mile Village are being witnessed. Other than the concerns such observations present, the most damaging of these would be an injury to a child playing exuberantly in the winding roads on the pretense by parents that this place is safe, like our backyards.

On a less tragic note, but one nevertheless, appropriate to the status of living in a Preserve, is the unnecessary and avoidable slaughter of the amazing wildlife that shares the road with other travelers.  High on this list are reptiles, especially turtles and snakes.

Today’s loss was that of a scarlet kingsnake, often mistaken for a coral snake. Ironically this snake eats other snakes including venomous ones.  In addition, they provide beneficial predation of rodents. Here is a link to more about the Kingsnake:

I know that many people are extremely fearful of snakes.  Understandable, but misinformed.  Lethal snake bites in the US are rare. Most bites occur when people attempt to kill or catch snakes.  The best approach is an attitude that they play an important part in the natural world and just let them pass unharmed in to the Preserve.

My Plea to all members is to seriously take to heart the signs along the roads, asking us to drive responsibly.  If you see someone speeding, ask them to slow down. I would also ask you that in the event you see identifiable roadkill, to send me a picture. I would like to post these casualties on the website,, which can also act as a reminder.