Ongoing Land Management at Coffeen Nature Preserve

The committee met with Sean Hendley, Wiregrass Ecological Associates, regarding land management of the Coffeen Nature Preserve over the next 3-5 years. The intent of this email is to begin an educational series of steps to help the property owners comprehend the plan through visualization and explanation of the approach. The first control burn is planned for later this year. The areas on the map would be section 3 and parts of 4 on the east side of village road. Attachments are included as aids. The power point about controlled burns is available below.

It will help one to see what natural beauty can be achieved by restoring the present mixed scrub oak and pine habitat to a longleaf pine flatwood habitat and why.

Also planned would be thinning and mulching a section on the west side of the village road in section 1 perhaps. The purpose would be to greatly decrease the fuel load on the property and make use of control fire, a possibility for future management. There would be no economic benefit for this by virtue of it being a scrub natural community composed mostly of sand pines.