Be BearWise this spring

Courtesy of Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

Now that spring is here, black bears in Florida are becoming more active. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is sharing BearWise® tips to help prevent conflicts between people and bears. Residents and visitors alike can reduce the potential of negative interactions with bears and other wildlife by removing food attractants and following other BearWise® practices.  

“Bears become more active during the spring in search of things to eat, including female bears teaching their cubs where to find food” said the FWC’s Bear Management Program Coordinator, Mike Orlando. “By removing attractants such as garbage, pet food and bird seed from around your property, you can help ensure that bears won’t find an easy meal. When bears can’t find food sources, they’ll move on.”

To avoid attracting bears to your neighborhood and help prevent conflicts, follow these six BearWise Basics

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