“The Paper Bear” team gives update on feature film

Courtesy of The Northwest Florida Daily News ALYS BEACH — It has been a few months since The Northwest Florida Daily News last reported on a feature film filmed entirely in Walton County. Since December, the director of “The Paper Bear,” Arix Zalace, and his team have been putting the final touches on a film destined to […]

The Florida Black Bear

Courtesy of the Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles Newsletter, February 2024 As we continue to develop land in Walton County, there are increased sightings of the Florida black bear. The Florida black bear is black furred and is a subspecies of the American black bear. Although these mammals are usually shy and quiet, they […]

Star of Wonder

by Laura Tiu, Courtesy of UF IFAS Extension Okaloosa County The star has a lot of symbolism this time of year. However, this unique shape is present year-round in our beautiful coastal waters in the form of starfish, or more correctly, sea stars; because they aren’t a fish. Sea stars are echinoderms, which means “spiny skin.” […]

The Gulf Frittilary Butterfly

by Evan Anderson Horticulture Agent, Courtesy of UF IFAS Extension Migratory animals are no stranger to our neck of the woods. Every year, Florida is host to countless creatures as they make their way from one place to another in search of food, nesting sites, or just a change of scene. From hummingbirds to manatees, […]

The Long Flight South

by Sheila Dunning, Courtesy of UF IFAS Extension In the fall of the year, North American monarch butterflies travel from their summer breeding grounds to overwintering location. Those from east of the Rocky Mountains, travel up to an astonishing 3,000 miles to central Mexico. Unlike summer generations that only live for two to six weeks as […]

Not all repellents are equal – here’s how to avoid mosquito bites this summer

Courtesy of The Conversation Now that summer is in full swing, mosquitoes have come out across the United States. The use of mosquito repellents can protect both your health and sanity this summer. While mosquitoes leave bothersome, itchy bites on your skin, they can also pose a serious and sometimes deadly risk to your health. […]

Pretty Face with a Bad Attitude: The Invasive Chinese Tallow

Courtesy of Daniel J. Leonard, University of Florida The native Florida landscape definitely isn’t known for its fall foliage.  But as you might have noticed, there is one species that reliably turns shades of red, orange, yellow and sometimes purple, it also unfortunately happens to be one of the most significant pest plant species in North America, […]

Happy 4th of July!

Our South Walton Turtle Watch shore patrol at sunrise this morning!  The ladies were out wishing everyone a happy 4th! Pretty good turtle nesting season so far. Check out the stats here.  Cheers from Coffeen Land Trust!

Why white-tailed deer have spots

Courtesy of Carolina Baruzzi, University of Florida About now a doe is searching among the shrubs and grasses. She is looking for a site to have her fawns. White-tailed deer fawn season will peak in the summer across the Florida Panhandle. In the first weeks of life, fawns are not able to follow their mother […]

Spring Warblers

Courtesy of the Galveston Ornithological Society Warblers are the gems of spring, almost every color one can imagine. Several ground-dwelling species are yellow, a few of the rare ones have dark hoods, several have black throats, the females are largely duller to nest sit, small groups like tail-bob water thrushes add diversity and interest while […]