BearWise® Communities Making a Difference Across the Southeast

Written by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Reducing human-bear conflicts one community at a time  RALEIGH, NC (November 29, 2021) – Sprawling development, increasing human populations, the desire to live and recreate in areas that were once remote, combined with the successful restoration of black bear populations by state wildlife agencies have resulted in more […]

Birds Across Borders: Prothonotary Warblers

It can be sad to say farewell to fall migrants, their springtime return with bright breeding plumage and musical songs seeming ages away. While we might miss them here in the U.S., their presence is enjoyed by wildlife watchers on their wintering grounds in Central and South America. The Prothonotary Warbler is a small songbird […]

Species Spotlight: Brown-headed Nuthatch

Look high in the canopies of pine forests and you might see these smalls birds with chisel-like bills as they hop from trunk to tree branch. The tiny rubber-ducky squeaks of these vocal insect eaters are hard to miss when they gather in small flocks. Controlled burns can help create the standing dead trees where […]

Audubon EagleWatch Annual Report

In This Issue: Bald Eagle Populations are on the Rise! Partnerships are Key to Success for Eagles Nesting on Man-made Structures From Rescue to Resighting, Two Eagles are Soaring High Celebrating the 2021 Bald Eagle Nesting Season at Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland

Nokuse Plantation and its 300 Year Mission to Restore Longleaf

Nokuse Plantation founder M.C. Davis had a vision for a 300-year mission: to restore 55,000 acres to native north Florida habitats. Starting 2000, the former professional gambler spent $90 million to purchase 55,000 acres of former paper company land in Walton County. Watch the Video below:

Audubon EagleWatch Program

Based at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, Audubon EagleWatch seeks information about Bald Eagles, active nest locations, and possible disturbances or threats to nesting activities. As one of the premier community science programs in Florida, EagleWatch works to protect approximately 40% of the state’s nesting pairs. Nearly brought to extinction by hunting in […]

Biophilia Center

The E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center is located in Freeport, Florida, about 30 minutes from the Coffeen Nature Preserve.  The Biophilia Center is a state-of-the-art environmental education center nestled within a 55,000-acre wildlife preserve called Nokuse Plantation.  Founded in 2009 by conservationists M.C. and Stella Davis, the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center educates, on average, over 120 […]

Planting Florida Wildflower Seeds in Florida

The optimum time to plant Florida wildflower seeds is late September through late December. After germination the small seedlings are totally frost hardy. Our natural rain patterns will allow them to continue to grow through the winter and give you a beautiful flush of spring color. If you plan the seed mix right you can […]

Wintering Hummingbirds

Many people in the Florida panhandle enjoy Ruby-throated hummingbirds during summer and fall but are not aware a hummingbird might spend the winter in their yard. People take down their feeders during late fall because of the mistaken idea that feeders will entice hummingbirds to remain and then succumb to cold weather. When it is […]