Over 21,000 acres approved for permanent protection

Reposted courtesy of wildpath.com Today, the Florida Governor and Cabinet approved funding for the permanent conservation of 21,063 acres across five different landscapes within and adjacent to the Florida Wildlife Corridor. That totals to 80,014 acres saved in and adjacent to the Corridor since the passing of the Florida Wildlife Corridor Act in 2021. The properties are […]

Early Spring Migrants

Our spring migration roughly runs from mid March through mid May, with a very few birds outside those parameters. The general peak of the movement is around 20 April, which is why FeatherFest has the dates it has and the GOS builds around it. Most wintering birds like waterfowl and sparrows leave before that time, […]

Wintering Shorebirds

Birders fear groups like Empidonax flycatchers for difficulty of identification but I’ve discovered that for a variety of reasons, birders really crash on wintering plovers and especially small sandpipers. By far, the most important two field marks are the bill and legs (not unlike white egrets!). Each bill is surgically made to perfectly match the […]

South Florida Waterbirds

Florida has more kinds of aquatic habitat than any area equal-sized on the Planet. Aside from a never-ending salty shoreline, with estuaries, salt marsh and mangroves, there are freshwater habitats representing the full gamut of possibilities: All three of the river types, lakes with Karrst Plane Topography, ravines with steepheads and others I’m certain you […]

South Walton Turtle Watch Facebook Update

Posted Nov 25, 2022, at 4:30am by South Walton Turtle Watch. Heyoooo!! Happy #FriYayyy  the #BlackFriday #FinalEdition  We have so much to be thankful for after a fantastic season!! Check out our final data for the year!!  62 Nests (50 Loggers & 12 Green) 36 False Crawls (29 Loggers & 7 Green) 6575 Eggs deposited 4529 Hatchlings produced 69% Overall […]

Ongoing Land Management at Coffeen Nature Preserve

The committee met with Sean Hendley, Wiregrass Ecological Associates, regarding land management of the Coffeen Nature Preserve over the next 3-5 years. The intent of this email is to begin an educational series of steps to help the property owners comprehend the plan through visualization and explanation of the approach. The first control burn is […]

Learn how to be alligator aware

Courtesy of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission With summer in full swing, many people are working and recreating near Florida’s lakes, rivers and wetland areas. Warm temperatures also mean alligators are more active and visible. While serious injuries caused by alligators are rare in Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) […]

Roadkill Fauna – Coffeen Nature Preserve

Increasingly, speeding vehicles in Four Mile Village are being witnessed. Other than the concerns such observations present, the most damaging of these would be an injury to a child playing exuberantly in the winding roads on the pretense by parents that this place is safe, like our backyards. On a less tragic note, but one […]