Minimizing Conflict With Venomous Snakes

As hot weather engulfs the area, expect to see more snakes, which includes rattlesnakes.  The eastern diamondback and the pigmy are the most common in this area.  Snakes like all reptiles are exothermic and depend on the warmth of the day to maintain their body temperature and stimulate digestive activity.  They are the most recognizable […]

Florida Sea Turtles

With streamline bodies and flipper-like limbs, sea turtles are graceful swimmers well-adapted to life in the marine world.  Each species has their own set of adaptations, diet and behaviors. They include Kemp’s Ridley, Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Green, and Leatherback. Sea turtles are able to navigate over long distances, sometimes entire oceans, by using the earth’s magnetic […]